…and so it begins…

So, after what has felt like an age ….I take my last Microgynon Pill tonight.  I should get a period in the next few days and my body will then be ready to begin the medical side of this process.  

On Wednesday, my husband (who is with me every step of the way – whether this is to guide me around London due to severe lack of direction, to keep me company or hold my hand and give me a hug when I need it) and I will be making our next trip to City Fertility.  There, I will have my next scan – my baseline – this is to check everything is good after having had the Pill, take pre-medication measurements and make sure everything is ready.  Following this, I will have another consultation to go through all of my medication regime….I will update on this later but I believe that some days I will be having two injections for 10-12 days leading up to egg collection. I will probably be starting these Wednesday evening!

A massive thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me on this journey so far.  I have been completely blown away by the positive response and incredible support I have received.  I am, and always have been, a very emotional person.  Some people are saying such lovely things to me that they have moved me to tears….the running joke at the moment is that this is only going to get worse when I start all the hormones! 😀  I hope you are all armed with a pocket of tissues!

In all seriousness, many of my friends have asked how I am feeling knowing that everything gets started next week.  Am I scared? Am I nervous?  Am I going to be pain?  Actually no to all three.  I am not scared, I have done extensive research and am pretty sure I know what to expect.  Am I nervous?  No, the only thing that worries me is making sure I have all of my treatment regime straight in my head so there is no room for error.  Seeing the great pile of injections in my fridge was a little daunting at first but I will make sure we do not leave clnic until I am happy 🙂 

Will I be in pain? I am not expecting to be!  Of course, it has crossed my mind that this may cause some discomfort with my Endometriosis but since I got a glowing report at my last scan, I am a lot less concerned about this now.  I am, however, expecting to be bloated and perhaps a little tender on my abdomen in the final days before egg collection….this is nothing to be worried about, it just means that my body is responding well to the stimulating drugs and my eggs are almost ripe and ready to make some magic.

I am actually really looking forward to getting started.  I am ready now.  

My thoughts are constantly with my couple.  People have asked me (knowing of my emotional personality) how I will deal with this being anonymous and will I be able to just let it rest?  Of course I will.  This is not something that can be entered into without a great deal of thought and emotion.  People may be concerned about me emotionally but please, please don’t be.  Yes, I am emotional and I know this is going to be an emotional journey, but I never have in my life, and hope I never will, undertaken anything without giving it all my emotion, passion and dedication. I am not scared of emotion, why enter into something if you don’t want it to effect you as a person?  I am one of life’s ‘criers’ and I am not ashamed of that.  I will always be thinking of my couple, and yes, if they are fortunate enough to get pregnant, of course, there will be times in future years that I will wonder and think about them all.  But that is all it will be, give them a thought and a smile and hope that they too are smiling when they think about me 🙂

So, this weekend, I am making sure all of my paperwork is in order, my consent forms are signed and delivered to my local clinic, and our London congestion charge is paid.  

We are all set and ready to go…..just a few more days to wait…


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