Survival of the fittest!

Well, I was pleasantly surprised by my lack of symptoms over the weekend having started my first lot of injections.  I felt fine….  The only slight inconvenience was the amount I was needing to go to the loo since I was drinking so much water!  The first time I really noticed that things were starting to happen was on Saturday night when I went out with some friends.  I felt great and loved being able to have a bit of a dance with my girls…even though I was taking regular trips to the ladies.  Everything was fine until we were waiting for a cab home and I didn’t have access to a toilet….very quickly it turned into quite bad discomfort as I stood there subtly undoing my jeans to allow my tummy a bit more room to relax a bit, I was desperate for the cab to arrive!  But I soon got home and as soon as I got to the loo and took off my jeans, I was fine again! Ah what a relief!  Note to self – don’t be too far away from a toilet at the moment when I already have a bloated tummy, otherwise it hurts!

Sunday was the first day I really noticed that I was starting to get a bit hormonal!  We had a relaxing day and I was feeling quite tired having been on night shifts earlier in the week.  Tiredness and lethargy is a common and expected side effect by the way.  We sat down and watched some good ole chick flicks….recipe for disaster….my husband didn’t even need to look at me at certain points in these films, just simply passed me the box of tissues!  He knows me so well 😀 We both laughed and agreed that yep, hormones are kicking in!

Anyway, Monday we were back at City Fertility for my first scan after starting injections.  I was eager to see how everything was growing! To recap – at my baseline scan I had 30 follicles which is a very high number to start with.  5 days on and I have 19….my heart sunk!  I thought there were supposed to be more, not less??  Oh, is this bad?  The remaining follicles hadn’t grown very fast either so after checking with the Doctor, my dose of Gonal F has now been increased to 225 units and my next injection – the one to stop me releasing my eggs too early has been delayed by a few days…..oh no!  But, after asking lots of questions about what is normal, I felt a lot happier.  I had a lot of follicles at the beginning which is why I was started on such a low dose…being cautious not to overstimulate.  Plus, not all follicles mature into eggs so for the number to decrease rather than increase is quite normal.  After all, quality is better than quantity!  19 growing follicles is still an ‘egg’cellent number to have at this point in the process!  Having ascertained all of this, I asked “so you’re not concerned at all?”  And was very pleased to be told “No, not at all!”  Ahhh thank goodness, big sigh of relief!  This is why everything is monitored so closely, to measure follicles, count them and tweak medications as necessary! 

I also received lots of positive reassurance from the girls at Altrui who confirmed everything that I had been told and complimented me on how well I am doing!  Support, reassurance and some kind words really do go a long way….especially when feeling hormonal and easily emotional! ❤

So last night, I took 225 units of Gonal F and Wednesday I have another scan to see how the remaining 19 are growing 😀  Survival of the fittest…. 🙂

Today, I am feeling rather fragile, very tired, bloated and a bit achy.  I think it is probably because we had such an enjoyable but long day in London yesterday, having gone to enjoy some sights after my appointment!  I am drinking lots of water in the hope it will relieve my headache and I am sure that after a bit of a snooze, I will feel brighter again!  And if not, I will just have to resign myself to the sofa with a good film!  

Feeling positive though, everyone keeps reiterating that I have a wonderful number of follicles, and even if I lose another few along the way, it will still be a great number!  So all good 😀  I just want to give my couple as good a chance as possible!

Oh and just a quick shout out to all my menopausal friends who have told me all about their hot flushes!  I can now completely empathise….I knew this was a side effect for me straight away….as my friends pointed out – I am NEVER hot!  Feels like someone has just lit a match right in front of my face….but then after 5 minutes I am putting my cardigan back on again!  Quite amusing really! We are hot stuff eh ladies! 😉

I will update again tomorrow after my next scan!  Please, please keep everything crossed for me and my 19 little follicles! Thank you! xxxxxxx


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