How do you like your eggs in the morning…?

Today was my first scan at my local clinic ~ the same clinic that my friends went to for their successful IVF cycle ~ it was quite surreal realising that I was sitting in the same waiting room as they were a few years ago when they started their process.  It is amazing to now see their little girl running around full of life!  Whilst waiting, I also received a text message from a friend telling me about her pregnancy! Such wonderful news and what a perfect time to hear it ❤ 😀

As I sat there and looked around, I saw that I was surrounded by lots of nervous couples…sitting there so quietly, hands tightly held, looking anxious as if they were forgetting to breathe, red eyes full of tears just waiting to spill over and roll down their cheeks.  I so much wanted to give hugs and just wish them luck with whatever they were going through. It really reminded me of the appointment I had many years ago to have my implant fitted to treat my Endometriosis.  The word ‘infertility’ was still very new and very raw.  A ‘family planning clinic’ is not generally somewhere people who can’t have children want to go!  I was very emotional sitting there and it didn’t help being surrounded by new babies, cute toddlers, and mums who were there to discuss contraception.  I remember how much I just wanted to run away! My heart goes out to every couple embarking on the fertility journey, may all your dreams come true and you soon hear the pitter patter of tiny feet!

Do you realise that 1 in 5 couples have trouble getting pregnant?!  I think that is quite high but it is such a taboo subject, not many feel comfortable talking about these issues.  As I have started to be a lot more open about this journey, I have been thoroughly moved by how many people have confided in me about their own fertility issues.  You will be surprised by how many people have needed a little helping hand along the way.  Also, it has been wonderful to hear such lovely stories from people about friends who have received donor eggs and are now enjoying their beautiful little families! So many people have told me about someone they know, almost everyone I have spoken to knows someone whether it be friend, colleague or family member 🙂  When I hear friends talking about their beautiful babies and how much they mean to them, it warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye!  This is exactly why I am doing this ~ so someone else can experience something so beautiful!

Anyway, my scan went well, I still have the 19 follicles but because there are so many, they are a little bit on the slow side ~ all jostling for room! This is quite normal and I am assured, nothing to be worried about. So for now, I am continuing on the increased dose of Gonal F and have another scan on Friday. Tomorrow I will begin taking the second injection ~ Cetrotide, this is the one to stop me releasing the eggs too early! I am quite impressed with how well my legs are surviving ~ so far, I have only one injection site that has bruised!  I am making sure I stick to my healthy diet so my body has all the right nutrients to aid healing.

Another big tip – keeping hydrated!  I have been drinking lots of water – hence the previously mentioned regular trips to the loo! But it is also really important to drink fluids that will replace electrolytes.  My husband found me a wonderful recipe for a home made, natural electrolyte drink containing fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, organic honey, Himalayan salt and coconut water.  I tried it for the first time yesterday and it is actually very tasty! Doing my best to drink plenty! 😀

Since my little follicles are a bit slow to grow, there is the likelihood that my egg collection will be postponed by a few days. This can happen quite a lot and is nothing to be concerned about.  Best to give them enough time to mature, after all these things can’t be rushed! 😀 Could say they are being a bit stubborn…they are my eggs after all 😉

Let’s see what Fridays scan brings …….


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