Slow and steady wins the race!

Friday and time for another scan at my local clinic.

This is going to be a short blog as I don’t have a lot to report. Everything is going in the right direction but still on the slow side. I now have 24 follicles but some are so small that there is high chance that they wont grow big enough to be nice mature eggs, so I am going to discount these little’uns and just focus on my original 19.

I must admit, I was a little disappointed today and when I got in from my scan, I had a little weep. I am feeling very hormonal today which again, is quite normal and expected. It probably doesn’t help that I didn’t sleep well last night so things are more intense when tired! I am so eager to look over at that monitor and see lots of large follicles. They are growing, just at a snails pace! I suppose it’s true what they say – a watched pot never boils! I never have been the most patient person and I have to remind myself that this week, there has only been 48 hours in between each scan so not a lot of time to see a difference really.

My egg collection which was scheduled in for Monday has been postponed and I will be rescanned instead. Again, I am reassured that everything is absolutely ok and everyone grows at different rates! So I will continue my injections over the weekend and see what Monday brings! šŸ˜€

My other task for the weekend is writing a ‘goodwill message’ for any resulting child. As I have mentioned, this is an anonymous donation but any child that may result from my donation, has a legal right to know more information about me and their genetics when they reach the age of 18 – non identifying information but things like eye colour, hair colour, my job, personality traits, age, why I chose to donate etc… so to help them, I have been asked to write a little message to tell them a bit about myself in my own words. It is hard to know where to start bearing in mind, this wont even be opened for at least another 18 years potentially, and by then I will be getting on for turning 50 – now that is scary!!! This is certainly going to take a considerable amount of time and thought!

Thoughts are always with my couple but especially on days like today. When I got in from my scan feeling emotional, I re-read the letter I received from them back in April. I am actually carrying it around with me at the moment, it helps somehow, a bit like a security blanket! Reading it, I just know how much this means to them and exactly why I am doing this. I feel so close to them, which I know is a strange things to say, especially since I have never met them, probably never will and this is an anonymous donation. However, this is such an incredible journey we are all going through together and no matter what the result is, they will always be in my thoughts and I am sure that I will always be in theirs ā¤


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