A marvellous, magical Monday!

Well, Monday was scan day again and I must say I was pretty excited to get home and get this blog written so I could tell you all the good news….

We made the journey into London again, ensuring we dodged the Tour de France route, thank goodness I have a husband who knows his way around our big city!  I had had quite an emotional and tense weekend.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I was disappointed in the growth of my follicles at my scan on Friday.  As much as I was reassured, I was still concerned, even though no one else was.  A friend asked me “what happens if they just don’t grow?” “Ah, they will!” I replied with a smile but then I thought “well, what if they don’t??!”  I tried not to dwell on that possibility but I really needed my next scan to be positive……not that my last was negative at all, but I do tend to over analyse and worry, sometimes when worry is completely unnecessary!

Well, I got ready for my scan, keeping my fingers crossed I would see an improvement.  And there it was – the image I had been so eager to see – a picture of my ovaries full of large black follicles! “That’s a bit more like it!” I said with a smile!  “Certainly is!” came the reply!  I tried not to look too over excited but in my mind all I was thinking was “YES, thank goodness!”

Then began the usual task of counting and measuring the follicles!  I have 25 now so quite a lengthy process!  Some biggies measuring 18mm – considered mature, quite a few at 16/15mm, some at 14/12mm that need to grow a little bit more and some little’uns but all looking fabulous! Again, it was reiterated that quality eggs that grow at a slower pace is always much more preferential! Very nearly there! The medium ones just need a little bit more time to cook and should be as big and mature as the others.  I also had another blood test to recheck my hormone levels.  They will be significantly raised due to the injections but they just wanted to check that they were not too high as they monitor carefully to ensure that my ovaries are not being overstimulated ~ my levels were all fine!

So, the plan now is to continue my injections at the same dose and then go for another scan on Wednesday.  This will be my final one to make sure everything is ready for egg collection on Friday! 😀  I will need to do a ‘trigger injection’ Wednesday night to get ready but I will explain more about that later.  It’s all so close now! 😀

How am I feeling?  In a word – bloated!  I could feel myself getting a lot more bloated and ‘feeling full’ over the weekend so hoped I would see an improvement on my scan.  I have quite a bump now…which gets bigger as the day goes on…..I am ending my days waddling around and laying on the sofa! According to my friends, I look like I am 3 months gone.  I did chuckle as one friend commented “I’ve never seen you with a belly!” 🙂  Jeans are far from comfortable now and I have traded them in for summer dresses and clothes without a waist band!  Much better! 😉

The tiredness and lethargy is quite hard to get used to, I am usually a very active person.  At the moment, I go out for 3-4 hours and need a kip!  What?!  Fascinating how your body reacts to different things and basically tells you what it needs.  I haven’t always been the best at listening to my body but I am trying to at the moment ~ if I get a headache I drink, if I am tired I try to sleep and if I need to chat to a friend, I do ~  Thank you to all my wonderful friends who are there with me through every tearful phone call, every happy scan update and every photo of my bloated belly ~ your support has been amazing!  And thanks to my incredible husband for putting up with my hormones 😉

It is all getting so exciting now, so close!  Just think, in just under 3 weeks time, my couple will anxiously be doing a pregnancy test to see if they will finally, after all these years, become parents!  How must they be feeling right now?!? ❤ Thoughts are with them always xxx


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