That’s it, eggs are ready to collect!

Well, after that wonderful scan on Monday, I was actually looking forward to going back to the clinic for my next (and final) one on Wednesday!

I had been feeling a lot more bloated and ‘full’ so thought there had probably been another growing spurt!  Well, there certainly had!  The scan revealed that I now have 27 follicles, 19 of which are good sizes! They were counted and measured again which showed that I have 6 follicles measuring 20mm and above – yes 6 follicles at more than 2cm each….no wonder I am bloated!!!  And the rest all measured 17mm and above!   Wow, looks like they will get a good number of eggs!  I was absolutely over the moon, especially to see how lovely they all looked on my scan!  I had done lots of research and had looked at countless scan pictures on the internet….this was exactly what I had wanted to see – lots of large black follicles – hopefully each one holding a nicely matured egg!  That’s it, they were ready!  Eekk!

With the scan over, it was time to get everything ready for my retrieval on Friday.  We went over the last few bits of paperwork, made sure my consent form was signed and gave in my goodwill message!  I was to be Nil By Mouth 6 hours before….I can quite easily go without food but no morning cup of tea?! Oh no!  At least I wont be going through the usual pain of a full bladder during the drive to London this time then!

Next was instructions for my trigger injection.  A final, very important, one off injection which needs to be EXACTLY 35 hours before egg collection!  This is to help the eggs mature and starts the process of releasing the eggs so in 35 hours time, they will be ready.  My retrieval is at 12.30 on Friday which meant that I needed to do my injection at 1.30am Thursday morning! I was already knackered so made sure I set my alarm to make sure I didn’t miss it!  For the first time in this whole process, I actually felt nervous doing this one.  Not for the injection itself but making sure I didn’t get it wrong!  If I did, it would be disastrous, for my eggs and for my couple!  I drew up the Suprecur, double and triple checked it and even got my husband to check it with me, then gave it in my tummy!  Cor that one stung but all ok.

So 23 injections later, the treatment part of the process is complete!  Yes, I am bloated and quite uncomfortable now with the retrieval being tomorrow but the process has been a lot better than I thought it would be! 🙂

Well, big day tomorrow!  I am ok, looking forward to hearing how many eggs they managed to get which they will come and tell me when I have woken up! 😀 Zzzzzzz

I will, of course, update again as soon as I can tomorrow or Saturday!  Thank you to all of you who have messaged me and wished me luck!  I will be fine, I will have my husband with me so of course I will be ❤ . Please, please, please keep my couple in your thoughts.  Even though it is me going through the collection tomorrow, I know they are going to be anxious to hear how many eggs have been retrieved.  After all, this is all for them.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be part 1 of their dreams coming true ~ 11th July 2014, the day that their miracle baby was first fertilised and became a tiny embryo!  Hopefully a day that they will always remember and smile! ❤


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