Egg collection day! :D

So, Thursday came and went as I packed my bag of things I may need with me for my egg collection.

I was ok, until I decided to look at youtube for egg retrieval procedures….I knew how it was done anyway but wanted to see it!  Then it sunk in,’ I am having a needle stuck into my ovaries tomorrow!’ Eekkk!  I knew I was going to be asleep though and had been assured that I wouldn’t feel anything!  At 10pm, I had my last cup of tea and snack and went to bed…..I hesitate to say “went to sleep” because I didn’t..but at least I rested!

I got up early Friday morning and triple checked I had everything packed.  I was sore, very sore! It is expected due to the trigger injection starting to release the eggs which can also cause ovulation cramps…..and oh boy did it!  But that was the first and only day that I would describe my symptoms as ‘pain!’  Certainly not a bad thing, just meant that my eggs were getting ready to be released!

After a rather painful journey to London, feeling every single bump in the road, we arrived at City Fertility!  We were promptly shown to my room and I was asked to get changed……disposable (see through!!) gown, slippers and sexy hat!! Wow, what a looker….as well as having bags under my eyes and no make up to cover my hormonal spots! 😦

I saw the nurse, anaesthetist and Dr performing the procedure and we were all ready to go.  I walked into the operating theatre, confirmed my identity again and laid down.  I had a cannula put in my hand and the anaesthetist started to sedate me!  I know they said I wouldn’t feel anything but that was more like a general anaesthetic than sedation – I was fast asleep and I didn’t know a thing until I was back in my room!  “All done” they said as they got me tucked up in bed where I slept soundly for another half an hour. I remember seeing my husband and checking that he had been out for lunch and was ok…..what I didn’t realise was that I went on to ask him 5 more times in my sleep! Oooops 🙂

I came round and brightened up quite quickly.  I had some water, and my home made electrolyte drink and soon after, enjoyed my first lovely cup of tea!  Aahh bliss!  Apart from having a hard tummy and being a little sore, I was feeling surprisingly ok!  

The Dr then came in to tell me the wonderful news that they had managed to retrieve 15 lovely eggs!!!  I was so happy!  A brilliant number!  It also means that should this attempt for my couple not result in a pregnancy, they have enough eggs to try again without having to look for another donor.  If it is successful, apart this being fantastic, they will have the eggs frozen so that they could potentially have a another baby with the same genetic make up – therefore a full sibling! Clever stuff huh! 😉

I was then given a gift and card that my couple had left at the clinic that morning for me. A beautiful necklace of an egg inside a follicle, the egg engraved with “Our thanks always, 2014” …. that was it, hormones got the better of me!  Such a lovely gift and a wonderful keepsake!  How sweet of them! ❤

After a few hours, once I had visited the loo, I was allowed to go home.  Problem – we got a few miles down the road (in very slow moving traffic) and I became desperate for the loo again.  I had had 2 bottles of drink and tea and now, I had to go….even though I had been before we left. An excuse to stop for some food in the hope that some of the traffic would die down.  It didn’t but it was a lovely stop off, all the same!

We finally got home at 7pm. I got straight on the sofa and there I stayed with my lovely husband making sure I was ok 🙂

So, what happens now?

The eggs will have been fertilised yesterday afternoon.  Today, my couple will be told how many fertilised embryo’s they have!  They will then be left for a few days to make some magic, hopefully lots will continue to grow!  In 3-5 days, depending on growth and quality, one embryo will be transferred back into her womb…..and then the rest is down to our dear friend Mother Nature!  My couple will then have to wait an agonizing two weeks before they can do a pregnancy test!   I am sure that when that time comes, they are going to be going through such a broad spectrum of emotions!  They will probably be so scared to even look at the test! 

Willing, hoping and keeping all fingers and toes crossed that it is a positive for them!  I know how desperately they want this.  Please, everyone, keep them in your thoughts as they face a very difficult, emotional few weeks! ❤  I will update as I can but now, my part in all this is finished.  I will, however, be told if they are pregnant!  That will be a nerve racking phone call that’s for sure!

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported me through all of this.  I received so many good luck messages yesterday morning and so many messages from people praising me, all so unexpected and amazing to hear people saying such wonderful things about me!  Talk about make me emotional though!  Feeling incredibly loved right now!  Thank you all! ❤ ❤ ❤



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