The two week wait!

It has now been 4 days since my egg collection so thought I would give a little update as much as I am able.

As I mentioned, my 15 eggs would have been fertilised on Friday afternoon.  Over the weekend, the embryologists would have kept a close eye on them to see how many fertilised successfully. I had been warned by people not to get my hopes up too much as the number of eggs retrieved does not always have any bearing on the amount that are fertilised – sometimes only a small amount of them will fertilise, the others not being viable.

On Monday morning, I received the amazing news that 12 of the 15 has successfully fertilised and survived the weekend! Wow that is incredible!  That gives my lovely couple 12 chances at getting their miracle baby!  Absolutely over the moon to hear this and I am sure my couple would have been too!  I am thrilled that everything is going so well for them so far, long may it continue!

The embryo’s would have been watched for another few days and depending on quality, have their strongest little embryo transferred back on day 3 or 5 – that may well have already taken place! Updates for me are going to be less frequent now as my part is now finished, there is nothing else I can do apart from send positive, well wishes to my couple.  So they may well have begun or will soon be beginning their agonising two week wait….

I cannot even begin to imagine how they must be feeling right now… fear, anxiety, dread, vulnerability, excitement, hormonal, desperate!  I should think they probably feel quite helpless for there is nothing else they can do now either…apart from her following a healthy lifestyle and ‘treating her body as if it is pregnant’. They have done all they can, they have the eggs, he produced his sperm and they fertilised well, the embryo’s survived the weekend and are now growing hopefully going to grow into a beautiful baby…..

For as long as they can remember, they have been planning for a baby and now, all they can do is wait!  Wait for another negative?  Wait for that wonderful positive?  Wait for the double line, the smiley face, that word ‘pregnant’ to appear in the little window.  Wait for that day when they will probably have a pot of urine and 3-4 pregnancy tests all lined up in case one malfunctions!  Wait for that test that is going to turn their world upside down and confirm that all of their dreams really are going to come true, after so, so long!  I really don’t think I could put myself in their shoes….they must be incredibly strong people and my heart absolutely goes out to them.

Even though the physical part I play in this process has ended now, it by no means ends my emotional involvement.  I too, am going to be counting the days of the next two weeks.  I know it is not me doing the pregnancy test but I am so eager to hear that this has worked for them. Come on Mother Nature, be a Chum! 🙂  I go back to work this week so that will at least keep me a little distracted and busy but I know that they will never be far from my mind.  I know when the time is nearing, when I see an incoming phone call from Altrui or City Fertility, I am going to be pretty anxious to hear that result!  I am going to have to wait until I am at home – it is going to be an emotional one no matter what I am told!

So, until then, I will continue to send them positive vibes and hope that little embryo is doing its absolute best to grab hold and start growing! ❤

Oh and thank you to everyone for all your well wishes and beautiful messages of love, support and checking I am ok!  I have been absolutely overwhelmed by how many lovely, emotional, heartfelt messages I have received!  Thank you for confiding in me, thank you for trusting me and thank you for loving me! And to my husband, as always, thank you for being my rock! xxxxx


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