An unfortunate update….

This is an update I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to write. So much so, I have waited 3 days before telling anyone.

I received some bad news….unfortunately my couple have suffered a miscarriage at 11 weeks gestation.

I am absolutely heartbroken for them.  After everything they have been through!  They have been trying to have a baby for so, so long and this was their first try with donor eggs.  They got pregnant for the very first time….how elated must they have felt, to then come crashing down again.  I received a lovely update 5 weeks ago when they had their 6 week scan confirming that it was a viable pregnancy and everything was looking good!  I had been hoping that I would soon get an update that their 12 week scan had also gone well and that they had reached that magical 3 month milestone.

This is just devastating.  Fortunately, they still have 11 more embryos to try again with but right now, I doubt that is any consolation.  I know that miscarriage can happen with any pregnancy and that there are higher risks with IVF but this is awful.  I wish I could help.  That was a tiny baby, a new life, one that they were planning on spending their lives loving, now it’s gone.

Am I ok?  Not really. An emotional mess to be quite honest.  I know this is not my fault but I feel so sad for them.  They got further than they had ever got before so I know my eggs were not the issue but it still hurts.  It is not me going through the miscarriage but it feels very personal.  They must feel like their world has fallen apart… has…..trying to have a baby has been their world for so long, consuming their every thought no doubt.  I just wish there was something, anything I could do to help but there’s not, no one can.  I will be ok, but will they?  I really hope they find the strength to try again.

Please, everyone keep them firmly in your thoughts.  I hope that in the coming months, I can update this blog with the happy news that they are pregnant again.

Sending them lots of love.

The journey continues…….