Egg retrieval for the second time.

I haven’t blogged very often during this second cycle as the process has been pretty much the same…

On Wednesday I had my final scan which showed 20 good sized follicles, mostly in my right ovary….strange that on my last cycle, my left ovary gave better results! I wonder if there is any medical reason for that?  Anyway, the eggs were ready for collection so, we got all ready to have my retrieval.  I had my trigger injection at 11.30 on Wednesday, which as before, had to be given exactly on time, if not, the entire cycle could fail!  No pressure then!

Thursday, I was feeling quite anxious.  It didn’t matter that I had done this before – I was still going to be having a needle stuck into my ovaries.  The nerves kicked in again.  I wasn’t in as much discomfort either…whereas last cycle, once I had had the trigger injection, I was in pain as it starts the ovulation process.  So, me being the over-thinker that I am started worrying that something was wrong because I was not in pain! I had a different medication as my ‘trigger’ this time so maybe that was the difference?

Alas, all was ok 😀

I went into theatre and was a lot more awake this time. It was quite nice to hear them counting as they collected each egg!  They did my left ovary first…”Right that’s 4 eggs” the Dr said….”4?? Is that all I said in my drugged, slurred speech!”  But then they moved to my right ovary…”so, 6 eggs, 8, 9, 10 now, 12…14 eggs!”  Ah that’s ok then! 😀 14 eggs in total, see I often worry when nothing is wrong! Ooops!

I was taken back to the recovery area where I relaxed for a while…but then the pain started – sharp, intense pain as if the needle was still in place digging into me constantly, all down my left side.  The nurse gave me a suppository for the pain as this method is more effective and acts more quickly. An hour later and my pain wasn’t improving, I was getting quite concerned, especially when I was sick.  I know I shouldn’t compare cycles as they can be so different but I hadn’t had this pain last time.  The Dr who had done the retrieval came to see me and did an emergency ultrasound scan…I had bled during the procedure which is quite normal so she wanted to make sure I wasn’t still bleeding internally.  The scan was fine thank goodness.  They were even talking about transferring me to the general hospital for admission and observation if my pain didn’t begin to improve, to be on the safe side.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing….they weren’t happy for me to go home at that time so we compromised…they agreed to let me stay for another hour in the hope the pain relief would kick in….I really didn’t want to be admitted.

I was so relieved when the pain started to subside! Soon, I was drinking tea, eating a snack and walking over to the bathroom.  No more blood so that was good.  A little while later, I got dressed and was discharged…home to my sofa!  I have no idea why I had more pain this time but I am so glad that that they checked me out thoroughly and nothing was wrong.

Today, I am brighter but still sore, not constant now so I know everything is beginning to heal. It just hurts when I sit down or get up, when my ovaries move with my body.

But, above everything else, they got 14 eggs!  This time, it was a shared cycle so however many eggs were collected were to be shared between two couples….so this is still 7 each – absolutely thrilled with that number!  I had fears that they would only get 2 or 3 each!  I am yet to find out how many have fertilised successfully.  As with my last cycle, the eggs would have been fertilised yesterday afternoon and will now, hopefully, be making some baby magic!

So, in total, that is 29 eggs over my two cycles and 3 couples that I have helped who now have the ‘ingredients’ they need to become parents! I must say that I am pretty chuffed with that! 😀

For me now, it is relaxing sofa time while I rest and recuperate.

Sending love and best wishes to all 3 of my couples who are, hopefully, about to embark on some very exciting times ahead.

Thank you all for your messages of love and support yet again!  Very much appreciated!  Love to all ❤



2 thoughts on “Egg retrieval for the second time.

  1. Fantastic news all was ok in the end lets hope the rest of the journey has fantastic results in the end, once again I am so proud of the kind thing you are doing lots of love xx

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