The end….of this chapter.

I had a pretty rough weekend after my egg retrieval this time.  I had bad bloating and awful, awful cramps.  Two days after retrieval I was feeling worse and in the evening, the cramps were so bad I was sick…and, as you can imagine, the force of being sick on my sore ovaries was pretty intense.  My husband was very close to calling an Ambulance but that was the last thing I wanted.  Thankfully, the vomiting stopped around 3am and I managed to get a little sleep.

The next day was also a bad day. As much as the vomiting had stopped, the pain was terrible.  It felt like I had pulled muscles by being sick so my entire abdominal area was a lot more tender than it had already been. I resigned myself to a day on the sofa.

On the Tuesday, 4 days after collection, I was relieved to wake up feeling much better! I turned a corner that day and am now well on the way to full recovery.  The process of egg retrieval and recovery took much longer this time and was generally more traumatic.  Just proves how every cycle can be so different.

Above all, I just kept reminding myself that they had retrieved 14 lovely eggs!  I heard the wonderful news that 12 of the 14 eggs had fertilised successfully!  So a grand total of 24 fertilised eggs for 3 couples hoping for a little miracle!  Let’s hope that they all get the wonderful news they so desperately want!  Thoughts are with them always ❤

So, will I be donating for a third time?  I don’t think so. The process, as wonderfully rewarding as it is, can be pretty hard going sometimes.  My body obviously struggled more this time so maybe it was its way of telling me that it wouldn’t really be overly sensible to do it again.  I certainly have always been one to listen to my body, I am a nurse, after all!  I am so pleased with how successful both of my cycles have been – 24 little chances of parenthood!  What happens now, I have no control over, all I can do is continue to wish all 3 of my couples the very best of luck in their journeys to parenthood – may all their dreams come true.

I may well be finished with donating eggs but that doesn’t mean I am done with altruistic acts.  As I have said before, doing things for other people ~ things they struggle with alone, helping people, helps me.  It gives me a buzz, makes me happy and is certainly something I will always continue with.  I am already planning my next ‘projects’ with the hope to carry on bringing hope and love to those around me.  As one chapter comes to an end, another is always ready to begin!

Thank you all so much for your endless support with my egg donation journey…twice.  I really couldn’t have done it without all the messages of love and support I received.  Much love to all.  I will, of course, update with any baby news when I hear it! 😀



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