Grazia Magazine! 😊

Well, I apologise for not updating this blog for a while but it has been a rather busy few months!

It has now been over a year since my second cycle at my local clinic. I did enquire about whether there were any resulting pregnancies from my donation…. Unfortunately, this second clinic has been rather difficult to get any information from.  Of course, I understand the principles of patient confidentiality and this was indeed, an anonymous donation but I do wish that they were a little more forth coming with news regarding my eggs.  After all, ladies who donate their eggs want to help people create their famillies, so hearing good news about the cycle or just basic updates is something we crave….well, I do anyway.

Anyway, even  though they said that there hadn’t been any pregnancies, I do remember that each couple had six fertilised embryos from that cycle so unless none survived the thawing process (which could happen), they may still have viable embryos to try again with.

As for my first couple, the last update I heard was that they were still trying to get pregnant using my eggs. I still think about them often. Even though I have never met them, I feel such closeness to them, my special first couple. Everything with my first cycle was so personal and special, with letters, gifts and emotions invested and exchanged…..all anonymously through a third party. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

As far as I am concerned, while all three of my couples still have embryos, they still have hope. Even though I haven’t been through fertility treatment in an attempt to get pregnant myself, we have had many friends going through the gruelling process and the one thing you have to have is hope!

“When the world says ‘Give Up’, Hope whispers ‘Try one more time!” Never a truer quote when it comes to my couples. Thinking of them always! ❤

There has been some very exciting news this week and that is that ‘my story’ is featured in Grazia Magazine after I was interviewed by a lovely journalist a few months ago. If you fancy a read, it is out this week. I will add some photos here and hope you enjoy it.

I had a wonderful photoshoot and was professionally ‘styled’ with hair, make up and clothes… about 5* celebrity treatment!   It was rather surreal to have someone dressing me and putting on my shoes, another person rushing in to me in between each shot to tidy my hair and retouch my make up and another person draping my coat round my shoulders to shield me from the wind and cold! A celebrity for a day!

As fun as it was, a day was enough for me! 😉

In all seriousness though, I was honoured that Grazia were so keen to feature my story and help me raise awareness. I know I have said this before, but everyday, I talk to someone and find out that they have had fertility treatment or they know someone who has….it is a lot more common than we think and needs to stop being a taboo subject!  Let’s talk about it! “Baby Love, my Baby Love, I need you, Oh how I need you!” ❤

I hope you enjoy the article 🙂

Many best wishes to you all, as always! xxxx




3 thoughts on “Grazia Magazine! 😊

  1. I read your story and thought ‘how wonderful’. You are an inspiration to women everywhere! May all your dreams come true x

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