‘Egg Donor Support’ role…needing your help! :)

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the year. I have had a surprisingly busy beginning to 2017!  There has been lots of exciting news and new opportunities…some have presented themselves and some I went looking for! 😉 For example, I am organising some fundraisers in my place of work throughout the year, I am going to be doing some Bridal Catwalk Modelling, we got the wonderful news that we have another Great Niece or Nephew on the way which is just amazing and I have taken on a new role as an ‘Egg Donor Support’ with Altrui – the egg donation agency!  It is shaping up to be a very busy and exciting year ahead! 😀

I was really touched to be contacted by Alison at Altrui asking if I could help set up a Crowdfunding page for a couple trying for a baby. Of course I said yes as I do like to help in any way that I can. I got in contact with Saskia who told me her story…..

To explain briefly, her and her husband started trying for a baby in 2005. Since then, she has had 3 stillbirths (2 boys and a girl), a diagnosis of an incompetent cervix, 3 ectopic pregnancies, major surgery losing her Fallopian tubes, a failed IVF cycle and a failed egg donation cycle, as well as counselling sessions and a lot of upset along the way!!! In May, it will be 12 years since her first positive pregnancy test…and they still don’t have a baby! 😦 My heart broke for them when she told me her story but I was amazed at how positive she sounds and is ready to start all over again!

They have now exhausted all NHS funding so they now need to try and raise funds for them to try another egg donation cycle! So for the last few days, I have been busy setting up the Crowdfunding page for them. I cannot explain how heartbreaking it is to read her story, how touching it is to be asked to help and how inspirational it is that, after so many years of heartache and heartbreak, they are STILL trying to have a baby – 12 years later!  They just want to be a family!


So, going back to what I said earlier about some opportunities presenting themselves and some I went after….  Well I am a great believer in going after what you want and I don’t let anything hold me back anymore. I have changed a lot over the years, believe it or not, I wasn’t always quite so forward. I had asked Alison a few times about helping more with Altrui and now, after nagging and badgering, the opportunity has presented itself! 😉 Let’s hope I can do more in future to help ladies in need of donor eggs or those wishing to donate. 🙂

I have learnt over the years to never stop reaching for the stars, never stop believing in myself and never stop setting myself new challenges! Who knows where things might lead – if I don’t try, I’ll never know! 😀  I get a lot of inspiration for the things I do from some of the amazing people around me….. find out what inspires you and run with it! ❤

“If you don’t go after what you, you’ll never know how amazing it could be!”

Love to all…..and don’t forget to share! 😉

THANK YOU! xxxxxxx



The Miracle of Life! xxx

Happy New Year to all of my readers! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have had a lovely beginning to 2017!

I had a lovely Christmas, spent with family and playing with my gorgeous Great Niece’s. I am sure I am not alone in feeling that Christmas is made wonderful when children are around! The innocent excitement in their eyes as they put out the food plate for Santa on Christmas Eve; the only evening of the year that they want to go to bed early so Christmas arrives sooner; the presents, the food, the laughter, all too much for them to take in that they eventually fall asleep from exhaustion. I am blessed to be able to be a part of that.

Even though I am in a place of acceptance with our infertility now, it hit me hard again before Christmas when I started chatting to a lovely young lady called Lauren. It hit me not from a personal perspective but because of her situation, the reality, the harshness.  On the outside Lauren looks like a ‘normal’, healthy 26 year old woman, happily married and going about her day with a smile. Yet inside, she is fighting an ongoing battle….for Lauren was born without a womb; a condition called Mayer Rokitansky Kauser Hauser Syndrome.  We chatted for a while and her positivity with her situation was overwhelming. Her and her husband have such a wonderful attitude towards this. They are looking into options such as surrogacy but are also on the waiting list for the remarkable new option of Womb Transplant! Obviously, this is a big thing and a very new procedure so they’re not putting all their eggs in one basket (excuse the pun) but I have everything crossed that this option becomes available for them!  You can read more about her journey at  MRKH Our Journey Our Life.

Talking to Lauren really made me think about reproduction, womanhood and fertility. Having a womb is not just about having babies but part of being a woman, just like being born with breasts. I think the female body is pretty amazing – having the ability to menstruate, endure pregnancy and all the changes that goes through, labour and then it all going back into place 🙂 It is no wonder ladies get emotional when they need to have their wombs or breasts removed.  Having a baby really is an incredible miracle, a blessing, a gift… Think of everything that a woman’s body goes through before a baby is born… ❤

So incredibly happy for all my friends who have had babies recently, it is wonderful to see how much happiness they bring! Thinking of all my friends, and my couples who are still trying. There have been lots of wonderful pregnancy announcements on the Altrui Facebook page in recent months too – pregnancies resulting from ladies donating their eggs! 😀  The miracle of life will never cease to amaze me!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all – may all your dreams come true this year! 🙂