Here we go again…

First of all, I must apologise for taking so long to get this latest blog written. There have been lots of developments since my last entry and to be honest, I haven’t really known where to start.  Every day, I have picked up my laptop to stare at an empty page and end up putting it down again.  So, here goes:

After my last blog, the pain from my ovarian cyst continued to be pretty bad, unbearable some days….the Liquid Morphine wasn’t really working anymore and I knew that I couldn’t go on like this…so on the Monday morning, I made another emergency GP appointment.  Off I went again and saw a different Doctor this time. More painful examinations, more poking and prodding of my already very painful tummy which was now very swollen too. The Doctor was concerned that my ovary was beginning to twist and what with the pain I was in, he got straight on the phone to the Gynaecology Team and off I went, with another letter, back to the hospital again!


My swollen tummy the night before I got readmitted! 😦

I had to answer the same screening questions, endure the same, even more painful examinations and got admitted again to the same bed space! I saw the familiar, friendly faces of the Student Nurses and Health Care Assistant’s who had looked after me so well a week before and when they said ‘hi’, I just wept, I lost all control ~ emotion overload….whilst sitting in the very public corridor waiting for my bed! Oh dear!

Eventually, I got settled in bed with yet more Morphine, which to be quite honest, really wasn’t doing anything but according to the staff “I had to give it a chance to work”….so for the rest of the afternoon and all the through the night, I had Morphine every 2 hours! In the morning, my pain was worse than the day before and I had a thudding headache (like your worst hangover!)….from too much Morphine!

At the morning drug round, I asked the nurse for some alternative pain relief as I explained that the liquid Morphine wasn’t doing any good. She told me it was all that was prescribed so I asked her to contact a Doctor….off she went and I didn’t see her again. I saw a Registrar on the Doctors’ Round who did another scan and much to my dismay, saw my big cyst still there, still the same size…… so going by the first Consultant’s theory that it would shrink….well, that hadn’t happened at all yet!

Back I went to my bed and after being prodded again through the scan, the pain was completely unbearable so I rang the bell to ask the nurse again for some pain relief other than liquid Morphine. Again, she told me that nothing else was prescribed…so I asked her again if she would ask the Doctor to prescribe something else. And again, she disappeared…

Twenty minutes later and I am literally rolling around the bed in pain, crying my eyes out and begging the nurse for pain relief! By now, I had been waiting for 3 hours….. I was not impressed when she snapped at me “you’re a nurse, you know what it’s like!”……to which I replied that, I would never leave a patient in pain and begging for pain relief for 3 hours! 😮

In the end, I called out to the Doctor as she was walking by…

In the ten minutes that followed, I got a cannula (a small needle that goes into a vein) inserted, received 10mg of intravenous Morphine (much stronger this way and this is a big dose!),  had intravenous anti-sickness, had intravenous fluids put up and was made Nil By Mouth for Theatre! FINALLY, someone who was listening to me! This lovely Doctor made me weep tears of pure relief ~ it felt like the first time in 3 weeks that someone had actually taken my pain seriously and done something!  Big thanks to that Doctor! 😀

The IV Morphine certainly took the edge of the pain and I felt like I could relax a bit for the first time in days!  A few hours later, I saw someone from the Pain Team who started me on a PCA which is a pump so I can self administer the IV Morphine as and when I need it! That was set up and I started to get on top of the pain! Phew!

Another few hours went by and I saw the Consultant, who agreed that it was time to get the cyst out! He too was concerned that my ovary was twisting with the pressure of the cyst….. so it was all go…… I waited and waited and waited and by 9pm, I pretty much knew that it wasn’t going to happen. So after asking the nurse to check with the Doctor, I had a little bite to eat and a cup of tea and snuggled down to sleep with my Morphine button firmly in my hand!

…to be continued…   Zzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzz…..  xxx



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