Carpe Diem ~ Cyst the Day! :D

The next morning, I woke up dreading another day’s fight ahead of me. There had been a different ‘On Call’ Consultant looking after me everyday (not sure why) so having had the Consultant the day before agree to operate, I wondered if today, I’d have to start all over again with trying to get a Consultant to listen.

Thankfully that wasn’t the case – ward round came and today’s Consultant agreed that I  needed to go onto the emergency list to get this sorted, sooner rather than later, she too thought my Ovary was suffering.

So I signed my Consent Form – I was consented for removal of the cyst, removal of Ovary and open surgery to cover all bases. I got my theatre gown on, anti-embolism stockings on, my rings taped and removed my gorgeous necklace from my husband. I then saw the Anaesthetist for a pre-op check and then at 1.30, porters arrived and I was wheeled to Theatre.  It was quite strange getting into the anaesthetic room to be greeted by one of my anaesthetic colleagues! I felt in very safe hands! 🙂  I drifted off to sleep not quite sure whether I’d keep my Ovary or not….

In, what felt like no time at all, I woke up in Recovery. For the life of me, I could not keep my eyes open – it was like they were weighted down with something! Eventually I went back to the Ward to be greeted by my anxious looking husband….I’d been gone for 5 hours! No wonder he was getting a bit concerned.

As lovely as it was to see him, I still couldn’t keep my eyes open and I continued to sleep whilst keeping a tight grip on his hand – safe! ❤  Another few hours and I started to wake up a bit – I was alarmed to check the time and it was 9pm by then! I saw the Consultant and was delighted to hear that I still have my Ovary (not that it’s doing much for me but hey). I did bleed a bit in Theatre and therefore needed some stitches in my Ovary. She managed to do it keyhole and I was in Theatre for around an hour and a half.

I tried to get up to the toilet, had a bit of a freshen up – baby wipes are perfect when in hospital and put on my lovely new pyjamas and my necklace back on – much better! Nothing like new PJ’s! 😀 I sent my husband, who’d left me to sleep, a photo so he could stop worrying! 😉


Then, it became obvious that I wasn’t going to the loo properly so after I’d tried a few times (obviously not wanting to push too much), the nurse scanned my bladder to reveal more than 900mls sitting there – no wonder I felt desperate! I needed to have a catheter but she just drained my bladder and removed the catheter again rather than leaving it in. Thankfully, a few hours later, I managed to pass urine on my own, I obviously just needed a kick start, so to speak!

I was already feeling so much better – normal pain from the 3 incisions (or portholes) but nothing compared to the pain I’d been in pre-op! Such a relief! One problem though – trapped wind – OMG! Anyone who has had keyhole surgery will know, the surgeons pumps your abdomen full of gas so they can see what they’re doing. They try and suck it out at the end but they can never get it all. It can be quite uncomfortable, as I tell my patients ~ I have had keyhole myself in the past but I don’t remember it being this bad! Crikey! My tummy was huge, like a big blown up balloon! The air was going in and around my ribs and diaphragm making it quite painful to breathe. I started drinking as much Peppermint as I could as this helps to expel the air….I then settled down for some more sleep.

Next morning – more Peppermint! This air had to start moving soon! I saw the Consultant – another different one and he said I could go home. Woohoo! I had a quick wash and texted my husband.  Getting dressed was just too much effort though…not that my jeans would do up around my swollen belly anyway so I went home in my PJ’s and dressing gown – the height of fashion don’t you know! 😉

Just a short journey home and I was knackered again and I literally collapsed on the sofa. It took me a while to get comfortable since the wind was so painful – at the wrong angle, it felt like I was being stabbed with a thousand knives!! Every hour I was having Peppermint Tea or Peppermint Water and after 24 hours or so, things started to move! Usually it moves quicker than this but I have been known to hang onto stuff hehe! 😉 When my patients complain about trapped wind in future, I certainly won’t forget how bad it was!!

So, back in my lovely home where I should be, with my gorgeous husband – finally all over and onto a straight forward recovery……or so I thought…..!

I’ll explain more in the next chapter! 😀


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