A few bumps in the road to recovery…

It hasn’t been the most straightforward recovery….2 steps forward, 3 steps back comes to mind!

A few days after I got home, I managed to have a shower and hair wash…..it certainly wasn’t the most dignified way of getting into the bath since I still couldn’t stand up straight. ย I noticed a nasty looking rash on my tummy in the shape of where the surgical drapes would have been. I am really hoping that these didn’t contain latex as I am allergic to it. Trust me to have some kind of reaction! I am keeping a close eye and it is slowly improving. As lovely as my shower was, I didn’t realise how knackering it would be….so much so I needed a kip afterwards!


My reaction rash!


Shape of an ECG dot!

My tummy was still very bloated and I was still troubled with trapped wind for about 10 days although not as bad as those first few days – I didn’t realise how long it would take to all disappear.

At this point, even though early days, I thought I was on track for a normal recovery…until I got to day 4….. it was late afternoon and I started to get some cramps in my bowel…having suffered with an irritable bowel in the past, I recognised it straight away and didn’t think much of it. Until it got worse….and worse and even worse! It felt like someone was doing a tight Chinese Burn (showing my age there!) on my bowel whilst pulling in through all 3 of my incision sights! I was in absolute agony! Laying in a cold sweat, nothing I took or did made it any easier. ย My poor husband was close to calling an Ambulance but knowing it was bowel rather than Ovary pain, I said no… I just had to ride it out. It went on and on and on! I was so scared to even drink water as I didn’t want anything else to add to the pain. I finally fell asleep curled up in foetal position 5 hours after the pains had started! That was exhausting!

The next day I was still feeling very fragile but the pain had eased off a bit. I was very nervous about eating or drinking anything, but since I had already lost weight over my 2 admissions, I stuck with very bland food – food literally just to get some nutrition. I was feeling very tired, probably from all the pain from the night before and when I noticed that my heart rate was sitting at 144bpm (normal should be 60-80 ideally), I assumed I was dehydrated and tired and didn’t worry too much.

The following day, now day 6 post op, my heart seemed to be getting worse. I couldn’t get up without seeing stars and feeling like I was about to faint. My heart rate at rest was 105bpm and 150bpm when I tried to move! My heart felt like it was jumping out of my chest! I had to abandon my shower half way through as I nearly blacked out and I really didn’t want to fall and hurt my tummy! For goodness sake – time to get checked out – again!

The GP made a home visit, there was no way I could make it to the surgery….or even to the car for that matter. He gave me a thorough check over and agreed about my heart rate. Thankfully he didn’t find anything too concerning – like internal bleeding or blood clots- believe me, he was pretty rough when checking my tummy – even my husband was wincing as he prodded my wounds very hard! OUCH!!! He did suspect that I may have become anaemic though…so wrote out some blood forms for me to get checked.

Day 7 post op and my husband helped me shower – whilst on standby in case I fainted and off we went to the walk-in centre for my blood tests. I literally clung to his arm as I kept going all starry eyed ~ because of my heart rate not because of his dazzlingly good looks! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We stopped for a coffee, to give me a chance to relax and get my heart rate down again and then went home. Exhausted I returned to the sofa for another kip!

Days 8 and 9 I had no choice but to continue to take it easy. It still hurt to get up and sit down, the incisions and my Ovary hurt on movement…I don’t mean bad pain but just meaning that I couldn’t just jump up. My heart rate is still up and down like a yo-yo even though I was desperately trying to increase my fluid intake…..not that I was dehydrated but I hoped it would help.

The next day, I rang for my blood results and was greatly relieved to hear that everything was ok. My haemoglobin level was 13.9 which is on the high side for a woman, but no surprise there as mine has been high for years due to food my husband and I eat and the lifestyle we follow. The general consensus is that my body was just taking longer than normal to get over the anaesthetic…. and not only that I was on high doses of Morphine, in various different forms for 2 and a half weeks before the surgery. I think it was all a bit much for my small frame….especially having lost weight too.

So, now day 11 and I am finally feeling like I am on the right road to recovery. I have a way to go but hopefully no more complications. I am able to potter around a bit now, even if I do have to sit and rest afterwards. I have been getting some pains over my Ovary, which at first freaked me out since they’ve been similar to the pre-op pain I had, but having spoken to other friends who have been through this surgery, ‘phantom pains’ are quite normal and part of recovery! Phew!!!

I am looking forward to getting back to work and seeing all my lovely colleagues but it won’t be just yet. Nursing is so active so I need to be completely ready (and not fainty lol) before I go back. Then we can put this whole sorry saga behind us and move onto the lovely plans this year has to offer.

So, that’s the saga of the cyst all up to date….. Ovar-y and out for now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, much love! xxxxxx


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