YouTube debut…

Hello to all my lovely followers!

First things first, thank you to everyone who has already donated to Saskia’s Crowdfunding Page! Within a week, we have reached £575… that’s 7% already! We have a long way to go but it’s a great start so THANK YOU! 🙂 Link is below again ….

We have all been racking our brains for ideas of fundraisers to do which could add the total. If anyone has any ideas or you fancy hosting an event to help Saskia, please just let me know!

You may have already seen that I made my YouTube debut yesterday! I made a video telling a bit of my history and Saskia’s Story.  So there I am  – after years of writing, you can finally see me! 🙂 “Hello!” #waves#

I was also invited to do an interview for a Fertility Podcast yesterday about my journey and Saskia’s Story – @fertilitypoddy on Twitter. I think it went quite well and should be live within a few weeks – will let you know when I know. I am also starting to get to grips with the world of Twitter now too – if you want to follow me, I am @EggDonor29.

Plus, there have also been some recent developments and I may be working a bit more with some fertility groups in marketing, awareness and advertising since they love the media work I have done and my blog so much! 😀  Thanks again to all of you who have been reading for so long, getting so much feedback from you all has been very motivating over the years!

Please do take a look at the video and please share, share, share! 🙂

THANKS AGAIN, will keep you posted!

Much love as always! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


‘Egg Donor Support’ role…needing your help! :)

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the year. I have had a surprisingly busy beginning to 2017!  There has been lots of exciting news and new opportunities…some have presented themselves and some I went looking for! 😉 For example, I am organising some fundraisers in my place of work throughout the year, I am going to be doing some Bridal Catwalk Modelling, we got the wonderful news that we have another Great Niece or Nephew on the way which is just amazing and I have taken on a new role as an ‘Egg Donor Support’ with Altrui – the egg donation agency!  It is shaping up to be a very busy and exciting year ahead! 😀

I was really touched to be contacted by Alison at Altrui asking if I could help set up a Crowdfunding page for a couple trying for a baby. Of course I said yes as I do like to help in any way that I can. I got in contact with Saskia who told me her story…..

To explain briefly, her and her husband started trying for a baby in 2005. Since then, she has had 3 stillbirths (2 boys and a girl), a diagnosis of an incompetent cervix, 3 ectopic pregnancies, major surgery losing her Fallopian tubes, a failed IVF cycle and a failed egg donation cycle, as well as counselling sessions and a lot of upset along the way!!! In May, it will be 12 years since her first positive pregnancy test…and they still don’t have a baby! 😦 My heart broke for them when she told me her story but I was amazed at how positive she sounds and is ready to start all over again!

They have now exhausted all NHS funding so they now need to try and raise funds for them to try another egg donation cycle! So for the last few days, I have been busy setting up the Crowdfunding page for them. I cannot explain how heartbreaking it is to read her story, how touching it is to be asked to help and how inspirational it is that, after so many years of heartache and heartbreak, they are STILL trying to have a baby – 12 years later!  They just want to be a family!

So, going back to what I said earlier about some opportunities presenting themselves and some I went after….  Well I am a great believer in going after what you want and I don’t let anything hold me back anymore. I have changed a lot over the years, believe it or not, I wasn’t always quite so forward. I had asked Alison a few times about helping more with Altrui and now, after nagging and badgering, the opportunity has presented itself! 😉 Let’s hope I can do more in future to help ladies in need of donor eggs or those wishing to donate. 🙂

I have learnt over the years to never stop reaching for the stars, never stop believing in myself and never stop setting myself new challenges! Who knows where things might lead – if I don’t try, I’ll never know! 😀  I get a lot of inspiration for the things I do from some of the amazing people around me….. find out what inspires you and run with it! ❤

“If you don’t go after what you, you’ll never know how amazing it could be!”

Love to all…..and don’t forget to share! 😉

THANK YOU! xxxxxxx


The Miracle of Life! xxx

Happy New Year to all of my readers! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have had a lovely beginning to 2017!

I had a lovely Christmas, spent with family and playing with my gorgeous Great Niece’s. I am sure I am not alone in feeling that Christmas is made wonderful when children are around! The innocent excitement in their eyes as they put out the food plate for Santa on Christmas Eve; the only evening of the year that they want to go to bed early so Christmas arrives sooner; the presents, the food, the laughter, all too much for them to take in that they eventually fall asleep from exhaustion. I am blessed to be able to be a part of that.

Even though I am in a place of acceptance with our infertility now, it hit me hard again before Christmas when I started chatting to a lovely young lady called Lauren. It hit me not from a personal perspective but because of her situation, the reality, the harshness.  On the outside Lauren looks like a ‘normal’, healthy 26 year old woman, happily married and going about her day with a smile. Yet inside, she is fighting an ongoing battle….for Lauren was born without a womb; a condition called Mayer Rokitansky Kauser Hauser Syndrome.  We chatted for a while and her positivity with her situation was overwhelming. Her and her husband have such a wonderful attitude towards this. They are looking into options such as surrogacy but are also on the waiting list for the remarkable new option of Womb Transplant! Obviously, this is a big thing and a very new procedure so they’re not putting all their eggs in one basket (excuse the pun) but I have everything crossed that this option becomes available for them!  You can read more about her journey at  MRKH Our Journey Our Life.

Talking to Lauren really made me think about reproduction, womanhood and fertility. Having a womb is not just about having babies but part of being a woman, just like being born with breasts. I think the female body is pretty amazing – having the ability to menstruate, endure pregnancy and all the changes that goes through, labour and then it all going back into place 🙂 It is no wonder ladies get emotional when they need to have their wombs or breasts removed.  Having a baby really is an incredible miracle, a blessing, a gift… Think of everything that a woman’s body goes through before a baby is born… ❤

So incredibly happy for all my friends who have had babies recently, it is wonderful to see how much happiness they bring! Thinking of all my friends, and my couples who are still trying. There have been lots of wonderful pregnancy announcements on the Altrui Facebook page in recent months too – pregnancies resulting from ladies donating their eggs! 😀  The miracle of life will never cease to amaze me!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all – may all your dreams come true this year! 🙂


Some egg-citing media pieces ;-)

It has been a while since my last blog entry but you may have seen that I have been busy taking my egg donations in a different direction – media coverage. In the last two years since my first cycle, there have been articles in the Gazette, Grazia Magazine, Woman Magazine and today it is in The Mirror… I am always so pleasantly surprised that people are still so interested by my story.

I am so passionate about raising awareness, not only of fertility issues but of egg donation. It is such a taboo subject and as much as I understand why, it shouldn’t be.   So many couples have trouble conceiving, they just never tell you about it. Since I have donated eggs and blogged so openly about it, I have been surprised by how many people have told me about their own fertility journeys. Some who are unable to conceive, others who have had some kind of fertility treatment or some who have used egg/sperm donors or surrogacy.  Everyone knows someone who has had troubles. Please don’t ever think that infertility should be faced alone or that you have done anything to be in the situation that you are in.

Not only has this process taught me a lot about myself but I have made some wonderful friends through it too – egg donation recipients (not mine!), fellow donors and of course the ladies at Altrui. One particular lady used an egg donor, and her journey was far from smooth, but they now have a beautiful little boy. It melts my heart to see him growing up, knowing an egg donor helped create him. I love to think of children like him running around some day in the future – children that I have helped to create and helped families to grow and complete.

I am so pleased with how my campaigning has progressed, how people ask more about the IVF process and about fertility treatments knowing that I have personal experience. I am pleased that, as a couple, we are much stronger and accepting of the fact that we won’t be parents but please, don’t think that I don’t still grieve…

I think a part of me always will…grief for the child I know I will never have; grief with the knowledge that I will always hear the word “Mummy” around me but it will never be addressed towards me. I will never know how it feels to have a little, fragile life growing inside, never feel the “flicker”, as many women describe it, as their baby is starting to make it’s first movements, or hear my baby’s heartbeat and feel completely overwhelmed. I am 32 now and, if we were able, feel I am at that point in life when I would probably want children….married to a lovely man, career established, lovely home, lovely family and friends. Of course there is always going to be that little part missing…..I am sure that this is completely normal for any woman my age – my ticking maternal clock.

But, I am ok, I really am 🙂 I am an Auntie now ( a super cool one 😉 ) and my Niece’s mean the world to me. These little angels give me a tiny glimpse of how it feels to be loved unconditionally by a child and it really does feel amazing! ❤ A childs’ love is so pure! ❤

And so, since I know, all too well how the struggle with fertility feels, I will continue to raise as much awareness as I can. I am hoping to attend some Fertility Events next year and I will continue to pursue other avenues so for now, I wish you all love, luck and lots of baby dust 🙂

Watch this space….. xxx

Grazia Magazine! 😊

Well, I apologise for not updating this blog for a while but it has been a rather busy few months!

It has now been over a year since my second cycle at my local clinic. I did enquire about whether there were any resulting pregnancies from my donation…. Unfortunately, this second clinic has been rather difficult to get any information from.  Of course, I understand the principles of patient confidentiality and this was indeed, an anonymous donation but I do wish that they were a little more forth coming with news regarding my eggs.  After all, ladies who donate their eggs want to help people create their famillies, so hearing good news about the cycle or just basic updates is something we crave….well, I do anyway.

Anyway, even  though they said that there hadn’t been any pregnancies, I do remember that each couple had six fertilised embryos from that cycle so unless none survived the thawing process (which could happen), they may still have viable embryos to try again with.

As for my first couple, the last update I heard was that they were still trying to get pregnant using my eggs. I still think about them often. Even though I have never met them, I feel such closeness to them, my special first couple. Everything with my first cycle was so personal and special, with letters, gifts and emotions invested and exchanged…..all anonymously through a third party. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

As far as I am concerned, while all three of my couples still have embryos, they still have hope. Even though I haven’t been through fertility treatment in an attempt to get pregnant myself, we have had many friends going through the gruelling process and the one thing you have to have is hope!

“When the world says ‘Give Up’, Hope whispers ‘Try one more time!” Never a truer quote when it comes to my couples. Thinking of them always! ❤

There has been some very exciting news this week and that is that ‘my story’ is featured in Grazia Magazine after I was interviewed by a lovely journalist a few months ago. If you fancy a read, it is out this week. I will add some photos here and hope you enjoy it.

I had a wonderful photoshoot and was professionally ‘styled’ with hair, make up and clothes… about 5* celebrity treatment!   It was rather surreal to have someone dressing me and putting on my shoes, another person rushing in to me in between each shot to tidy my hair and retouch my make up and another person draping my coat round my shoulders to shield me from the wind and cold! A celebrity for a day!

As fun as it was, a day was enough for me! 😉

In all seriousness though, I was honoured that Grazia were so keen to feature my story and help me raise awareness. I know I have said this before, but everyday, I talk to someone and find out that they have had fertility treatment or they know someone who has….it is a lot more common than we think and needs to stop being a taboo subject!  Let’s talk about it! “Baby Love, my Baby Love, I need you, Oh how I need you!” ❤

I hope you enjoy the article 🙂

Many best wishes to you all, as always! xxxx



The beginning of the next chapter…

It has now been a month since my second egg retrieval and I am all back to normal.  I have had my implant inserted again, almost a year to the day since I had it removed!  You may remember back to my first blog posts, I had the implant to treat the symptoms of Endometriosis and had it removed so that I could start my first cycle.  Quite a successful year I think and I am so pleased with how well my body adjusted to both cycles….as well as the wonderful 29 eggs I was able to donate to my lovely couples!

A few weeks ago, I had a very exciting meeting….read here  about the beginning of this next chapter that I am very happy to be embarking on!  Something I never thought I would be brave enough to do!  It is very interesting how your outlook in life can change and what you can push yourself to achieve when you have the passion! 😀

I will keep you posted on this new development 🙂

As always, thank you for your endless support, very much appreciated!


The end….of this chapter.

I had a pretty rough weekend after my egg retrieval this time.  I had bad bloating and awful, awful cramps.  Two days after retrieval I was feeling worse and in the evening, the cramps were so bad I was sick…and, as you can imagine, the force of being sick on my sore ovaries was pretty intense.  My husband was very close to calling an Ambulance but that was the last thing I wanted.  Thankfully, the vomiting stopped around 3am and I managed to get a little sleep.

The next day was also a bad day. As much as the vomiting had stopped, the pain was terrible.  It felt like I had pulled muscles by being sick so my entire abdominal area was a lot more tender than it had already been. I resigned myself to a day on the sofa.

On the Tuesday, 4 days after collection, I was relieved to wake up feeling much better! I turned a corner that day and am now well on the way to full recovery.  The process of egg retrieval and recovery took much longer this time and was generally more traumatic.  Just proves how every cycle can be so different.

Above all, I just kept reminding myself that they had retrieved 14 lovely eggs!  I heard the wonderful news that 12 of the 14 eggs had fertilised successfully!  So a grand total of 24 fertilised eggs for 3 couples hoping for a little miracle!  Let’s hope that they all get the wonderful news they so desperately want!  Thoughts are with them always ❤

So, will I be donating for a third time?  I don’t think so. The process, as wonderfully rewarding as it is, can be pretty hard going sometimes.  My body obviously struggled more this time so maybe it was its way of telling me that it wouldn’t really be overly sensible to do it again.  I certainly have always been one to listen to my body, I am a nurse, after all!  I am so pleased with how successful both of my cycles have been – 24 little chances of parenthood!  What happens now, I have no control over, all I can do is continue to wish all 3 of my couples the very best of luck in their journeys to parenthood – may all their dreams come true.

I may well be finished with donating eggs but that doesn’t mean I am done with altruistic acts.  As I have said before, doing things for other people ~ things they struggle with alone, helping people, helps me.  It gives me a buzz, makes me happy and is certainly something I will always continue with.  I am already planning my next ‘projects’ with the hope to carry on bringing hope and love to those around me.  As one chapter comes to an end, another is always ready to begin!

Thank you all so much for your endless support with my egg donation journey…twice.  I really couldn’t have done it without all the messages of love and support I received.  Much love to all.  I will, of course, update with any baby news when I hear it! 😀